The Madrid International Arbitration Center (“MIAC” or the “Center”) is an innovative arbitral institution for international dispute resolution. It provides independent, transparent and efficient dispute resolution services in four languages: Spanish, Portuguese, English and French.

MIAC’s guiding principles are: a drive for excellence in arbitration proceedings, a spirit of service to the users and a commitment to sustainability.

MIAC has more than 30 years of experience thanks to its founding Courts: the Madrid Court of Arbitration (CAM), the Spanish Court of Arbitration (CEA) and the Civil and Commercial Court of Arbitration (CIMA).

MIAC is part of the Madrid Association for International Arbitration, which has as its main partners the Spanish Chamber of Commerce, the Official Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Services of Madrid and CIMA, and as a strategic partner the Court of Arbitration of the Madrid Bar Association (ICAM).