MIAC does not have a list of arbitrators. Any appointments are subject to the Rules on Appointment and Confirmation of Arbitrators.

The following bodies participate in the arbitrator appointment and confirmation procedure: the Secretary General, the Support Committee for the Secretary General and the Arbitrator Appointment Committee.

The Center’s arbitrator appointment procedure is highly rights based and party oriented. It allows for the parties to freely agree on the arbitrators. Where there is no agreement between the parties, the Center shall appoint the arbitrators. To this end, the Center shall submit to the parties a list of prospective arbitrators or candidates, except in the following cases, where the Center shall directly appoint the arbitrator(s):

    • Upon request by all the parties.
    • Where there is no agreement on how to constitute the arbitral tribunal in cases with multiple parties and third-party involvement, in accordance with Article 16(2) of the Arbitration Rules.
    • Where so determined by the Support Committee for the Secretary General unanimously, in a reasoned decision and having regard to the circumstances.