Antonio Hierro

Calvin Hamilton

Caroline Richard

Cecilia Azar

Clifford Hendel

Cristián Conejero

David Cairns

Eduardo Silva Romero

Fabian von Schlabrendorff

Ina Popova

Jean Marguerat

José Rosell

José Daniel Amado

Juan Antonio Cremades

Luis Alfredo Araque

María Beatriz Burghetto

María Claudia Procopiak

Massimo Coccia

Niuscha Bassiri

Paul Arrighi

Sabina Sacco

Sofia Martins

Stephan Adell

Committee for the Preliminary Examination of Awards

The Committee for the Preliminary Examination of Awards (the “Committee”), together with the General Secretariat, review arbitral awards adopted in the arbitral proceedings administered by MIAC to strengthen their quality and facilitate their execution, in accordance with the Arbitration Rules and the Guide for the Preliminary Examination of Awards.

The Committee comprises 24 external members appointed by the Council, at the proposal of the Chairperson, for a three-year term. These external members are professionals of renowned prestige in the arbitral community, fully independent from MIAC and receive no remuneration that is, their position is unpaid.

During their term, the members of the Committee may be appointed as arbitrators in the cases administered by MIAC.