Alfredo Bullard

Deputy Chairperson

Sofía de Sampaio Jalles


Sally Harpole

Xavier Andrade

Ignacio Díez-Picazo

Diana Correa

Miguel Virgós

José M. García Represa

Nigel Blackaby

Patricia Saiz

Valeria Galindez

José Ricardo Feris

Francisco González de Cossío

Anibal Sabater

International Commission

MIAC administers international arbitration proceedings. The International Commission has the function of developing a note setting out the criteria to determine the internationality of a case, and thus what cases can be administered by MIAC [the “Note”].

The Note shall be binding on the driving entities and for MIAC, it shall be public and shall have two main objectives:

  • To standardize the criteria used by the driving entities to determine the internationality of the procedures; and
  • Promote transparency, giving the user predictability about what arbitrations MIAC can manage.

The Commission has 15 members with diverse experience and training as arbitrators, lawyers in firms, company lawyers and leaders in the academic world.

The Commission shall have a limited duration and shall not create any incompatibility for its members to act as arbitrators in MIAC cases. In order to preserve the independence of the Commission, the members of the Commission shall not be remunerated.