Javier Fernández-Samaniego


Andrea Maia


James South

Jane Player

Paulino Fajardo

Ximena Bustamante

Aloysius Goh

Mediator Appointment Committee

The Mediator Appointment Committee (the “Committee”) confirms and appoints the prospective mediators in the absence of agreement between the parties and is assisted by the General Secretariat of the Center.

The Committee is formed by seven members, including the President and the Vice-President, who are appointed by the Governing Board with the proposal from the Committee for a period of two years and can only be renewed once. The members of the Committee are professionals with recognized standing in the international legal arena. They are fully independent from MIAC and receive no remuneration – that is, their position is unpaid.

During their term, the members of the Committee are not nominated or appointed as mediators by the Center. However, they may be appointed as mediators by the parties.