Scope of action

1. CIAM administers only mediations that have an international character.

2.The Center administers disputes arising from
direct appointments, i.e. mediation agreements designating CIAM as the administering institution, and
forwardings, i.e. mediation agreements designating any of the Lead Entities (CMEM, CEA, CIMA or MediaICAM) as the administering institution.

3. Regarding forwarding:

    • For mediation agreements signed as of 01.01.2021, forwarding is automatic.
    • For mediation agreements entered into before 01.01.2021, they will initially be administered by the Lead Entity. However, it will invite the parties to consider transferring the case to CIAM. If the parties agree to such a transfer, CIAM will administer the case. Otherwise, the Lead Entity will continue administering the case.